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Do a Dupe!

Hey Divas and Divos!

We all like and wish for nice expensive things, right? But, on the other hand, if we budget conscious shoppers could get something nice and inexpensive that is the same or very similar to something nice and expensive we'd do it.  If you listened to our December 19, 2010 blogtalk radio show, you heard us discussing a "dupe" for Nars's Orgasm Blush. A makeup dupe is a product that is the same or very similar to another product.  Often times the dupe is a less expensive version of the other product.  On that particular show, we discussed Milani's Luminous Blush as a dupe for Orgasm.  We've found some extensive dupe lists on the web which we'll share with you. 

The best dupe list out there would probably have to be on temptalia.com.  This site has a searchable dupe list that matches products to a percentage of accuracy.  Definitely head to their site and check it out

In addition, MakeupTalk.com posts lists the following dupe lists:

MAC eyeshadows = Milani eyeshadows
MAC pigments = NYX Loose pigments
Stila eyeshadows = Prestige eyeshadows

Here's some more specific colors that I have used before:

MAC Satin Taupe eyeshadow = Rimmel All Over Pencil in Strength
MAC Sumptuous Olive eyeshadow = Milani Antiqued Gold eyeshadow
MAC Shroom eyeshadow = Jordana in Beige eyeshadow

And here are some more knockoffs that I know of:

NARS Orgasm blush = Milani Luminous, Cover Girl Rose Silk Cheeker, Mark Afterglo, Loreal's LE Front Page Peach
NARS Sin blush = Milani Temptation
Nars Deep Throat = Rimmel Apricot Blush
NARS Antibes Multiple = Wet 'n Wild #721 Scandalous
NARS Copacabana Multiple = Wet 'n Wild #724 Flirt
NARS Maldives Multiple = Wet 'n Wild Just Peachy
NARS Portofino Multiple = Wet 'n Wild #722 Coy
NARS South Beach Multiple = Wet 'n Wild Brazen Babe

MAC Bamboo = Wild and Crazy Wild Guava
MAC Brill = Wild & Crazy Bahama Water
MAC Dark Soul pigment = Jane Clubbing
MAC Gorgeous Gold = Prestige Glitz C-157
MAC Juxt = Jane Rain Forest
MAC Lucky Green = Wet n' Wild Marquis
MAC Naked Lunch = Wet n' Wild Fine Wink
MAC Paradisco = Flirt! Feeling Hot
MAC Trax = Flirt! Glamourazzi
MAC Vellium = Wild and Crazy Lily Song
MAC Amber Lights = Milani Sun Goddess
MAC Black Tied = Jane Clubbing = Milani Storm
MAC Coppering = Milani Flare
MAC Dementhe, Steamy, Humid = Milani Clover
MAC Electric Eel = Milani Atlantis
MAC Guacamole = Milani Limbo Lime
MAC Jest = Milani Peachy Peach
MAC Juxt = Milani Garden Mist (juxt is lighter and yellower)
MAC Little Madame = Milani Illusion
MAC Mulch, Sable = Milani Java Bean
MAC Parfait Amour = Milani Enchantment
MAC Perverted Pearl = Milani Silver Bullet
MAC Pink Freeze = Milani Taffy
MAC Shale = Milani Icy Plum
MAC Silver Pigment = Milani Mercury
MAC Sketch = Milani Marooned
MAC Vanilla = Milani Snow Frost
MAC Vellum = Milani Moonlight
MAC Woodwinked = Milani Golden Bronze
Shu Uemura ME 945 = Caboodles Smooth
Shu Uemura P Brown 76 = Flirt Oh Please!
Stila Barefoot Contessa = Prestige Spark
Stila GoLightly = Jane Magical Mushroom eye shadow (discontinued), Milani Golden Bronze
Stila Grace = Ulta Plum Smoke
Stila Jade = Sally Girl China Doll (discontinued)
Stila Kitten = Wet n Wild Fine Wink, CoverGirl Champagne Eye Enhansers shadow, Sally Girl Silver Lining
Stila Sun = Prestige Champagne
Stila Twig = Milani Spice
Urban Decay Acid Rain = Prestige Wasabi
Urban Decay Asphyxia= Milani Enchantment
Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy = Milani Sheer Sand
Urban Decay Mildew = Prestige Iguana
Urban Decay X = Ulta Sunlight

Chanel Blizzard Glossimer = Wet n' Wild Bronzeberry Gloss
Chanel Giggle Glossimer = Neutragena Chic gloss
Chanel Twinkle Glossimer = Prestige Alloy Vinylwear
Chanel Nude Liner = Max Factor Liner in Nude, Wet n' Wild #666
Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick = Maybelline Drippin Honey Wet Shine Lipstick
Lancome Simmer Juicy Tube= L’Oreal Strawberry Smoothie ColourJuice, L’Oreal Butterscotch Drop ColourJuice
MAC Dainty Cake Lipstick = NYC Firefly #306b
MAC High Tea Lipstick = Rimmel Airy Fairy, Milani Sheer Lipstick in Amaterro
MAC Lovechild Lipglass = Rimmel Snog Lipgloss
MAC Love Nectar Lusterglass= Milani Coral Shimmer Lipgloss
MAC Lust Lipglass= L'Oreal ColuorJuice in Passionfruit Squeeze
MAC Oh Baby Lipglass = Milani Serendipity Gloss
MAC Prrr Lipglass = L'Oreal ColourJuice in Mai Tai
MAC Plum Liner = Revlon Colorstay Plum liner
MAC Sequin Lipstick = Almay Sequin One Coat Lipstick
MAC Spice Liner = Wet n’ Wild #666 or #712 Liner
NARS Orgasm Lipgloss = NYC Sungold Lipgloss, Mary Kate and Ashley Truly Lipgloss
NARS Pillow Talk Lipgloss = Rimmel Vinyl Lip Star in Be A Star
NARS Turkish Delight Lipgloss = Neutrogena MoistureShine in Groove
Scott Barnes Flossy Glossy in Meow = Neutrogena Groove Moistureshine
Stila Apricot Lipglaze =Prestige Fuzzy Navel Jet Stream Gloss
Stila Jane Lipstick = Rimmel Birthday Suit Lipstick

MAC #187 Stippling Brush = Flirt! Skunk Brush


Original: Aveda Matte Huckleberry Lipstick
CopyCat: Bonne Bell Autumn Rose

Original: Aveda lipstick in Sheer Ambrosia
CopyCat: Clinique lipstick in Black Violet

Original: Aveda lipstick in Tupelo
CopyCat: Elke lipstick in Java


Original: Avon Triple Benefit Lipstick in Rosetone
CopyCat: Estee Lauder All-Day Lipstick in Rose Sapphire

Bobbi Brown
Original: Bobbi Brown Beige Gold Lipstick
CopyCat: L'Oreal Hip Honey

Original: Bobbi Brown Blackberry
CopyCat: Revlon SuperLustrous Blackberry

Original: Bobbi Brown Garnet Shimmer
CopyCat: MAC O

Original: Bobbi Brown Pinkberry Stain
CopyCat: Prestige Berry Stain

Original: Bobbi Brown Nude
CopyCat: Revlon Pro Neutrality Cream
Comments: The GB looks exactly like the BB but in a gloss. Results may vary.

Original: Bobbi Brown Raisin
CopyCat: L'Oreal Colour Supreme lipstick in Real Raisin
Comments: If you're not put off by the smell of L'Oreal lipsticks, (yuck!) you can snag a classy color for cheap.

Original: Bobbi Brown Redwood
CopyCat: Revlon Pro Burnished Cream

Original: Bourjois Beige Noir
CopyCat: Chanel Beige De Chanel

Original: Chanel Beige De Chanel
CopyCat: Bourjois Beige Noir

Original: Chanel Berries
CopyCat: Jane Best of Berries

Original: Chanel Black Red
CopyCat: DCA #115

Original: Chanel Gold
CopyCat: Cosmetic Factory's 24 Karat

Original: Chanel Metallic Vamp Lipstick
CopyCat: L'Oreal Mica
Cosmetic Factory Metallique

Original: Chanel Midnight
CopyCat: Cosmetic Factory 12 a.m.

Original: Chanel Rouge Noir Lipstick
CopyCat: Wet'N'Wild Blackest Red

Original: Chanel Vamp
CopyCat: Wet'N'Wild Blackest Red

Christian Dior
Original: Christian Dior's Jazzy Brown
CopyCat: Lancome Raisinette or Matte Raisin

Original: Christian Dior's Rose Souffle lipstick
CopyCat: Loreal's Tendre Mauve (color riche)
Comments: Loreal's lipstick is THE SAME AS Dior's.It's the same--color, texture, scent/taste.

Original: Clinique Berry Buff
CopyCat: Cover Girl Coco Blush

Original: Clinique Lipstick in Buff
CopyCat: Bonne Bell lip Gear Citrus City
L'oreal Tawny

Original: Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick
CopyCat: Bonne Belle Grapevine Whine lip gloss
Bonne Bell Grapevine Whine Lip-Lix
Bonne Bell Cin-a-Money
Prestige Sheer Grape
Aveda lipstick in Sheer Ambrosia

Original: Clinique Double Fudge Lipstick
CopyCat: Lord & Berry Sheer Mocha

Original: Clinique Heather Plum
CopyCat: Almay Serene

Original: Clinique Nude Ice
CopyCat: Jane Megabites in Pineapple Delight

Original: Clinique Sweet Honey
CopyCat: Jane lipstick in Rosy Outlook

Original: Clinique Tenderheart
CopyCat: Natural Glow Wood Hyaicinth
Elizabeth Arden Breathless

Cover Girl
Original: Cover girl -spice it up
CopyCat: Jane flipstick #3 Solar flare

Original: Elke Tribal
CopyCat: Stila Ina

Elizabeth Arden
Original: Elizabeth Arden Breathless
CopyCat: Clinique Tenderheart

Estee Lauder
Original: Estee Lauder Baby Shimmer
CopyCat: DCA #113

Original: Estee Lauder Bare Buff
CopyCat: Maybelline Nude Lipstick

Original: Estee Lauder Double Matte Lipstick
CopyCat: Cover Girl's Self-Renewing Lipstick in Toasted Almond
Comments: The Estee Lauder lipstick is $15.00, opposed to the CG lipstick with is about $4.00.

Original: Estee Lauder Inocence
CopyCat: The Cosmetic Factory's Naive

Original: Estee Lauder All-Day Lipstick in Rose Sapphire
CopyCat: Avon Beyond Color Triple Benefit Lipstick in Rosetone

Original: Estee Lauder Sheer blackberry (Lipblush)
CopyCat: Origins Bite Your Lips in Raspberry

Original: Estee Lauder Sheer Bronze(Lipblush)
CopyCat: Origins Bite Your Lips in Brownberry
(a tiny, tiny difference

Original: Estee Lauder Sheer Ruby (Lipblush)
CopyCat: Garden Botanika Sheer Lipcrayon in Sheer Garnet (discontinued)
Origins Bite Your Lips in Strawberry

Garden Botanika
Original: Garden botanika Apple Blossom
CopyCat: Prestige beigy pink

Original: Garden Botanika Saffron
CopyCat: Nat Robbins Rosewood

Original: Garden Botanika Sheer Sheer Garnet Lip Crayon (DISCONTINED)
CopyCat: Estee Lauder Lipblush in Sheer Ruby

Original: Garden Botanika Sassafras Lip Crayon
CopyCat: MAC Lame

Original: Garden Botanika Walnut lip pencil
CopyCat: Origins Clovebud Sheer Stick

Original: Guerlain Jacinthe
CopyCat: Stila Carver

Hard Candy
Original: Hard Candy Pussy Cat Lipstick
CopyCat: Maybelline Pink Perle

Original: Jane's Night Shift
CopyCat: Revlon Super Lustrous Bold Berry

Original: Lancome Exotique
CopyCat: L'oreal Brown Sugar

Original: Lancome Lilas Metallique Lipstick
CopyCat: Wet'N'Wild 548A

Original: Lancome Matte Raisin
CopyCat: Christian Dior Jazzy Brown

Original: Lancome platinum
CopyCat: jane's "go platinum

Original: Lancome Raisinette
CopyCat: Tropez's Buttered rum
Christian Dior Jazzy Brown

Original: Lancome Violine
CopyCat: Lord & Berry's Intense Plum
Ethnique lipstick in #528
Victoria's Secret Black Plum
Revlon Violet Extreme
Comments: Ethnique cosmetics are found at Dollar Stores. The Ethnique is a bit drier and has a touch more red in it than the Violine. Unless you compare the two side by side, it's impossible to tell the difference.

Laura Mercier
Original: Laura Mercier Very Bitten
CopyCat: Jane Flipstick in Jammin'

Original: LORAC Ashley
CopyCat: Bath & Body Works 'Canyon'

Original: MAC Bubbles
CopyCat: Wet'N'Wild #516A

Original: MAC Carnal
CopyCat: Cargo Congo
L'OREAL Wine and Dine

Original: MAC Cherish
CopyCat: M Professionals Nameless

Original: MAC Cyber
CopyCat: Manic Panic's Black Witch

Original: MAC Del Rio
CopyCat: Cosmetic Factory Brazil

Original: MAC Delish
CopyCat: Wet'N'Wild Ice Cream

Original: MAC Desire
CopyCat: Professional Makeup Company (M) Venom

Original: MAC Diva
CopyCat: Jane's "Really Raisin
Comments: The Jane version is creamier & you can't beat the price. ( $2.49)

Original: MAC Film Noir
CopyCat: L'Oreal Colour Endure Hot Fudge
Garden Botanika's CatTail

Original: MAC Flavour
CopyCat: Maybelline Nude Pink
Comments: Both are nude pink beige shades. Very similar.

Original: MAC Florien
CopyCat: Elke Classic Mauve

Original: MAC Freeze
CopyCat: Cosmetic Factory Chilly

Original: MAC Frenzy
CopyCat: Revlon Bamboo Bronze

Original: MAC Frou
CopyCat: Bonne Bell Vanilla Volts

Original: MAC Grid Lipstick
CopyCat: Bonne Bell LipGear in Traffic Jam

Original: MAC Haku
CopyCat: Wet n' Wild's lipstick #546-A
Comments: . A $1.50 compared to $14.50 is a real find.

Original: MAC Haze
CopyCat: M Professionals Wild Thing

Original: MAC Hyper
CopyCat: Revlon Granite

Original: MAC Lame
CopyCat: Prestige's Lipstick in Sorbet
Garden Botanika Lipcrayon in Sassafras

Original: MAC Lust
CopyCat: Maybelline Great Wear Silver Lilac
Revlon Virtual Violet

Original: MAC Media
CopyCat: M Professionals Indulgendence

Original: MAC Modum
CopyCat: Almay Malt

Original: MAC O
CopyCat: Bobbi Brown Garnet Shimmer

Original: MAC Odyssey
CopyCat: Bonne Bell Lip Gear in Berry Bash

Original: MAC Paramount
CopyCat: Necessities-MacDaddy
Garden Botanika's Mahogany

Original: MAC Pervette
CopyCat: Jane HipLips Pink Slip

Original: MAC Prism
CopyCat: Garden Botanika Rose Sage

Original: MAC Rubine
CopyCat: Cosmetic factory- Ruby Red

Original: MAC Spirit
CopyCat: Cosmetic Factory Angel

Original: MAC Touch
CopyCat: Jane Browned Down Red
TBS Vanillia stick

Original: MAC Twig
CopyCat: Avon Twig
Prestige VIP

Original: MACs Viva Glam II
CopyCat: Jane flipstick-Roseland
Maybelline Lipstick Great Wear Flesh

Original: MAC Wuss
CopyCat: Avon Spice
Wet 'n Wild--#547A

Original: MAC XS
CopyCat: Cosmetic Factory Extra
Wet 'n Wild--#506A

Manic Panic
Original: Manic Panic 'Tramp'
CopyCat: Lip Savvy 'Black Orchid'

Max Factor
Original: Max Factor Lipsilk #10
CopyCat: Max Factor lasting color in 'UV fusion'

Original: OPI How To Jamaica Million Lipstick
CopyCat: Wet'N'Wild Arctic

Original: Origins Bite Your Lips in Brownberry
CopyCat: Estee Lauder Lipblush in Sheer Bronze
Original: Origins Clovebud Sheer Stick
CopyCat: Garden Botanika Walnut lip pencil
Prescriptives Chocolate Kiss (discontinued)

Original: Origins Shimmer Stick in Ginger Ale
CopyCat: Lord & Berry Lipstique in Glaze

Original: Origins Malt Stick
CopyCat: Maybelline Lip Express in Coffee Run

Original: Origins Bite Your Lips in Raspberry
CopyCat: Estee Lauder Lipblush in Sheer blackberry

Original: Origins Bite Your Lips in Strawberry
CopyCat: Estee Lauder Lipblush in Sheer Ruby

Original: Prescriptives Blackberry Suede
CopyCat: Revlon's Blackberry
Original: Prescriptives Chocolate Kiss (Discontinued)
CopyCat: Origins Clovebud sheer stick

Original: Prescriptives Grape Stain Lipstick
CopyCat: Prestige Sheer Grape

Original: Prescriptives Mystery Lipstick
CopyCat: Almay Anti-Chap lipcolor in Softly

Original: Revlon Glossing
CopyCat: Wet 'n' Wild Lipstick 541 Nouvelle

Original: Revlon Super Lustrous Bold Berry
CopyCat: Jane's Night Shift

Original: Smashbox Smashing Nude
CopyCat: Elke Oasis

Original: Stila Andi Lipstick
CopyCat: MAC Hyper
Revlon Granite
Original: Stila Carver
CopyCat: Guerlain Jacinthe

Original: Stila Helen
CopyCat: Prestige Nuts lipstick

Original: Stila Ina
CopyCat: Elke Tribal

Original: Stila Luce Lipstick
CopyCat: Cover Girl Raisin Glaze
Revlon Deep Nude
Jane's Browned Down Red
NatRobbins Brandywine

Original: Stila Piaf Lipstick
CopyCat: Clinique Black Lily

Original: Stila Robin
CopyCat: Naturistics mechanical lipliner in nude

Three Custom Color Specialists
Original: Three Custom Color Specialists Cool Salmon
CopyCat: Max Factor's Silksticks #50

Original: Three Custom Color Specialists Cool Brown
CopyCat: Nat Robbins "Coffee"

Original: Three Custom Color Specialists Cool Brown
CopyCat: Max Factor's Sepia

Urban Decay
Original: Urban Decay Gash
CopyCat: Revlon Street Wear All Over Pencil in Blood

**Disclaimer - We did not create any of these lists. They are the intellectual property of their respective sites.  We simply found them and posted them here for your viewing pleasure.**

Have fun doing your dupe!!!

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